Problems make the world go round, it's not money!

The more you get sick the more money you would spend for doctors and drugs. The more pollution there is the more money would the tax payers spend for cleaning the environment (to private companies). The more WARS the more money would the banks earn from the money lended for tanks, bullets etc. It's even ironic that if you put your money into a bank and a WAR occurs the bank most probably will lend to both ends of the war so your money help bulding the bullets that would kill you or your kids. ISN'T THIS INSANE??? The more you pollute the more potential business there is, the more you make sick people the more money you could make etc. THIS JUST DOESN'T SUIT ME!!! What about YOU? I don't want to work my ass off to live in a world like this. I want to vote for ideas and not for people who care only about their pockets.

We need a change. Not new laws and regulations. WE NEED COMPLETELY NEW FOUNDATION! New foundation that would not reward killing, polluting, corruption etc. WHAT CAN WE DO? We stop whinning about it and start doing something about it - yes stepping into action. But first a little thinking and discussion won't be bad.

When you build a system you need to take in mind most of the factors and discover what is the effect of each of them. I thought that communism didn't work cause people were lazy, that's not true they just did NOT have incentive. I thought that capitalism didn't work because people were greedy, but it's not true. Example we sit and start playing monopoly and I finally manage to build a lot of houses and hotels and somebody whines "You, Greedy!", "I'm not greedy, I just play by the rules!". Yes corporations and politics are not greedy they just play by the rulez and very often they make them. Yes, that's a bit scary too!

It's hard even for a genius to solve all problems on Earth so if each of us give it a thought every day even for just few minutes we would work our way out much more faster. Some would say:"Why would I care, they will figure it out!". This is quite *&^$%&^**&^%... which might cause massive DO-NOTHING-WAVE. Example: two people doing nothing sit on their sofa and hear the irritating ringing of the bell because the pizza guy is already pissed off. No one goes to open cause each of them is relying on the other to go and get it. Guess if they will last long that way...
Others would say "I have too many problems of mine and too much work!". This is short term and short sighted thinking. All of your problems come from the main problem that we live in a sick system. If we fix it more than 50% of our problems would disappear. Furthermore if we build a new better, more efficient society we might need to go to work only for 1-2 hours a day. How's that?

Ideas for solution:
1. Choosing IDEAS and NOT PEOPLE
 - every 100 people will choose 1 to help making decisions. He won't be paid because his own future will be dependent on his actions. It would be almost impossible to corrupt all the people with the right to decide because they are just too much and won't be profitable for the corporations. The rest of the people which are not elected would still have a vote but their vote will be will lower factor (ratio). Use internet for discussion and interconnection!!!
2. Social Contribution instead of money - the more you contribute the bigger % of the resources you will have at your disposal. When a doctor saves a life he will get more, when somebody makes a powerplant more efficient he will get more, if a teacher has a student which succeeds in life he will get a tiny % etc. etc.
3. Let's have an experiment with a little country or let's buy an island and construct and engineer our own new, ecological, self sustainable society. If it works and is more efficient that the rest of the world we would BUY OFF the WHOLE WORLD in few years.