Something is not right with the world!

Go look around and you will see that something is not right… People are getting either poorer or into more debt. How is this possible with so much technology around??? If you know why - join our discussion here if you don't let us show you the world how it really looks behind the curtains!

It is called the money game!  Someone said if PROFIT is the most important thing in the world it should be able to regulate the world to a better world. A better world for who? And did it really worked they way they wanted?

Think of life as a big monopoly game which is a bit more complicated. Once you start good all is in your favour. And on top of that the people who get ahead can change the rules of the monopoly game so that they could maximize profits (legal cheating, legal stealing etc.). They change the rules that way that they cannot be on the losing side. You cannot even see your oponents because their companies are offshore - nobody can tell who is the owner of the company and the owner doesn't pay taxes like we normal people do (or should we call ourselved abnormally insane).

Money create the atmosphere to rob, to be immoral, to kill, to corrupt etc. Companies call it maximizing profits. We are not here on this world to pile up gold and money. It's no good for anyone. We are here to live life and take the most of it, to care for others, to learn and teach, to evolve, to discover, to give life, to love, to socialize and have friends, to get drunk occassionaly :) and so much more. Yeah the money game was fun but is not required anymore because there can be food, shelter and love for everybody. There is SO SO SO MUCH WEALTH that we could not see.

The "monopoly" gurus are smart and know the game very well. Their newest weapon is DEBT. No bullets, no bombs, just debt. You thought America and all the western countries are rich? Take a look at these numbers and think again. You will see they are may be the poorest because they are all covered in debt and they cannot repay it. Debt means control because you can blackmail legally. Monetary system is the fashionable slavery. Why? Because 99% of people play the game without knowing the rules, without having the big picture and maybe because they are lazy and our gurus know that.

You can see in history that on every few hundred years there is a revolution because somebody was caught cheating. I believe 2012 is not the end of the world but the new begining where this viscious game would be over. What you can do? EDUCATE!  PARTICIPATE! OR GET OUT OF THE WAY! Watch the zeitgeist movies they explain very good the situation - what is the nature of money and how it works, how religion was used to manipulate masses and many more interesting points. Get involved in the venus project. TopDocumentaryFilms is a free online streaming resource for documentaries in any field - educate some more.

Watch "Food Inc" its about what companies do with our food - to maximize profit they change it but there are side effects (health problems) they know it but they don't care because they care about more money. Plus the sicker we are the more money we would spend on drugs and doctors. Unfortunatelly this is another loop...

Just see how our needs have changed .... What would our children look like?!?!

Think about this. Organize meetings with friends to discuss. Spread the word. WE STILL HAVE INTERNET we could bring them down. You take many things for granted now, do your best to protect them. The invisible gamers are now trying to forbid conspiracy statements so don't just sit there and watch. If they take us the freedom of speech it would be all gone!

Good Luck!

Humble Helper